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Empowering Women – Carly

May 11, 2017  •  Leave a Comment


Today’s woman who inspires me is my dear friend Carly.

Carly is a strong source for my photography inspiration. She is my muse. We both started the photography venture around the same time and she is a large part of why I have stuck with it. When Carly would post new photos it motivated me to keep shooting. I probably would have gave up in the beginning if Carly wasn’t there always sharing her photo journey. I would think to myself, she is doing it, you should be too.

Flash forward a couple years and I don’t know what I would do without our daily photo conversations. She is who I go to vent when times are low, share my favorite photos or any exciting news, ask questions when I am not sure what to do. She makes me feel sane. I owe a lot of my growth in photography to Carly’s support.  Her worth ethic is notable. Everyday Carly kills it working several jobs, representing Narragansett beer like no other, shoots upon shoots to keep her dream alive. Carly literally works all day and all night. It’s incredible and gives me the push I need to stay on my toes.

Her genuine free spirited soul is one you want to be around.  People are very drawn to Carly and that is no surprise. She cares about people and deeply cares about those she loves.  She supports fellow artists in the community and is so proud of where she comes from. Carly’s heart is made of gold.

Another admirable trait is Carly shares whatever knowledge it is she has to help others grow, even other photographers. She is the type of person that wants to see everyone succeed. I have no doubt Carly will do incredible things in life and she won’t be stepping on other people to get there.

Carly, thanks for keeping my flame alive!

(I wanted this post to be a surprise for Carly so I used a collection of photos that I took of Carly throughout our friendship. Apparently I take a lot of photos of her with her camera! )


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