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Empowering Women – My Mom

May 11, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

It is only right to start my Empowering Women project with the woman who brought me into this world, my mom.  To pay my mom back for the amount she has done for my brother’s and I can’t be accomplished in a lifetime.  She has sacrificed so much for us. My mom created the warmest childhood memories for my brothers and I. She gave us the greatest gift a mom can give, the gift of time. Nights in watching our tv show together, taking care of us when were were sick or had surgery, making cookies and letting me lick the spoon,  talking to us about our day, dance parties in the kitchen, trips to see my favorite gymnasts, ice skating shows, those are moments that you can’t put a value on. She was at every game, meet, award ceremony, and school event. She invested many hours into my gymnastics career sacrificing most of her weekends and nights.

My mother is not just a great mom, she is a great person. She taught me how to love unconditionally.  She cares deeply for my father and their marriage set a positive example to me as to what a marriage should be. She has taught me to be kind, genuine, and stay away from the drama. My mom is the epitome of a selfless person.  I swear that woman would give the shirt off her back in below freezing temperatures for someone who needs it.  She didn’t just teach me how to give to others, but how to give to others silently. She surprises people when they are down with small gifts to brighten their day.   She does not seek praise, she doesn’t blast it on social media, but quietly does what she can to help those surrounding her.

For the last 16 years my mom has been a paraprofessional in kindergarten. A teacher has always been one of the most valuable roles you can fill. However, a teacher today is a much different role than it was 20 years ago. My mom endures some of the toughest situations at very little pay. She deals with chairs being thrown, shelves being knocked over, chasing students (even once into a swamp). She has worked in tough schools where some parents do not care about the poor behavior. It can be a thankless job but she is helping give these kids the guidance that they are not as lucky as I was to receive at home. She has children that at 5 years old have faced life more than anyone should have to. Children who have been mistreated, are under the care of my mom for 6 hours a day and she also shows them the love every child deserves. She shows them they are worth that kind of love. She gives them someone to count on.

There is no end to the things I am grateful for about my mom. This is just a taste of why my mom inspires and empowers me. I do not know what I did to deserve a mom like my own.   I do know that the woman I am today is attributed to the woman that raised me.  Thank you mom for not just inspiring me but shaping me to be a kind hearted, sensitive, hard working woman.


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