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Empowering Women – Kara

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Today I am recognizing Kara as a woman who empowers me. Despite first meeting Kara through the world of music, in conversation we found out that we both work at Baystate Health just a few floors from each other.  Soon after our encounter Kara asked if I would like to be apart of the leadership committee of the Employee Resource Group, (ERG) Baystate Health Women Empowered. (BH WE)  She was the Chair of the newly found group and was looking to fill the role of Marketing and Communications Coordinator. Reluctant to adding more to my plate, I accepted the position. Flash forward a year, I could not be happier that Kara chose me to be a part of such a powerful group.

BH WE has put together a handful of events to help women thrive in both their professional and personal life.  This past week we hosted the first Baystate Health Women’s Summit with over 140 in attendance.  The theme was Be Bold, Be Brave with the agenda surrounded by taking risks and confidence. It’s an incredible feeling to play an influential role in the events we host for BHWE specifically this summit. It wouldn’t have happened without Kara seeing something in me and enlisting me as a leader.

That being said this is not the main reason why she empowers me. As our friendship  blossomed  over the last year I found out just how incredible this woman is. Executive Assistant by day and a rock star by night, Kara’s work ethic is noteworthy and her musical talents soar. Kara’s soulful voice fills the ears of many throughout the numerous music projects she takes part in. Most of her time is invested in an all female acoustic trio, Eavesdrop. Together their harmonies will give you chills. Kara balances her full-time role at Baystate Health with rehearsal, late night gigs, recordings, playing at weddings, etc etc etc. Many times she will get home way past midnight after a long day of work and long night of singing just to wake up early and do it all over again. This girl literally does not stop. She does so with ease and grace, always with a smile on her face, and always willing to help wherever needed.

Kara’s genuine soul makes those around her feel good about themselves. She is always praising others and her words exudes a confidence in you that you even know you had. There is the quote “empowered women, empower women.” That mantra embodies Kara.

Thank you Kara for inviting me to be apart of BHWE, contributing to an initiative that enhances the lives of others, for your inspiring work ethic, and most of all believing in me, especially on the days I don’t know how to do it myself.

Here are some photos of Kara doing what she does best!
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